End Mass Incarceration via MASS DECARCERATION NOW!

This saves lives of the incarcerated and gives relief to families.

Please Use Your POWER to grant amnesty!

Ultimately court decisions are made in representation of the people. The people also have power to collectively reverse decisions that they find unjust.

...17 years 8 months and 3 days ago my youngest brother, ( https://www.change.org/Freecurtisprice ) an Innocent man, was wrongfully taken from our Family, Community and Friends. After being illegally convicted of an armed robbery with a deadly weapon he was sentenced to 35 years in 2004 (max out 2034) with No evidence of a deadly weapon.


It's reported that up to 10% of the People presently incarcerated are actually INNOCENT!(190,000 = 10% of 1.9 million) and 1.5 million over sentenced individuals. So it's from experience with the epidemic of MASS INCARCERATION that I write as an advocate for the Liberation of the Mass Incarcerated souls. MASS DECARCERATION OF The Prison/jail systems that over incarcerate$ our brothers and sisters across America IS A MUST in order to Save LIVES! The U.S. Population makes up 5% of the World's population yet house 25% of the World's Incarcerated. The 2020 Covid Pandemic exposed just how grave of a danger Mass Incarceration truly is to We The People of America. * 9 of 10 largest Covid hotspots aka Superspreaders were places of confinement. * ½ of All COVID infections were linked to places of confinement. * places of confinement have twice the casualty rate due to the lack of timely treatment and inhumane prison conditions and policies. Mass Incarceration is Class Warfare, creating a permanent underclass and caste system that provides no upward mobility for felons. We are rallying support for The Decarceration Now Campaign to SAVE LIVES & give relief to Millions of People and Families adversely affected by Mass Incarceration here in the Land of the Free! *

Your support is needed to help SOUND THE ALARM & and RAISE AWARENESS: * give a onetime DONATION ( $FNJN2021 ) * SIGN directive to end Mass Incarceration Together we will save lives and help heal our World! Will You be Brave and Stand Up With Us and Support FREEDOM N JUSTICE NOW? Visit www.fnjn.us We invite you to get involved by making a onetime contribution. You are welcome to stay involved by becoming a sponsor and pledging support to End Mass Incarceration via MASS DECARCERATION NOW! Campaign To privately support the mission send gift to: Cashapp,- $FNJN2021 - James Price PayPal - https://www.paypal.me/plmmf BTC/ Bitcoin - 143jmPJm2H8X7hdqbnJ9p9fB1ttQ6hAWNp Contact us: www.freedomnjusticenow@ gmail.com Thank You for your support. OneLove

Please Use Your POWER to grant amnesty!


To: All United States Incarceration Facilities Administrators

We the People order that All places of confinement begin by IMMEDIATELY reviewing all Actual INNOCENT Claims and release non violent offenders to home confinement. Resentencing of the remaining incarcerated in order to return them to society and their families in a humane way.


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Your signature gives power to this directive as "all political power is inherent in the people".

Government Offices in Charge of Incarceration

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