Cease & Desist Order to Detroit Land Bank

This stops the deadly actions of the land bank and allows free property possession by residents.

Please Use Your POWER!

The people have the political right to give orders and change government decisions when done collectively. This directive utilizes that power.

Residents of Detroit have the authority to stop Detroit Land Bank's actions and freely possess the properties for themselves. Number 1 in the Detroit City Charter Reads: "Detroit City Government is a service institution that recognizes its subordination to the people of Detroit". This means that the government and officials are at all times in submission to what the collective residents will or want. As the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 21 states: "The will of the people shall form the basis of the authority of government".

The problem is that people do not actually know this so they don't assemble to give orders but they assemble to ask servants to do right. This is a misuse of the critical power that the people possess. Until now....

We invite you to sign this directive (give an order) ordering the government via the Detroit Land Bank and treasurer to cease and desist from their human rights violations and acts not favorable to the residents of Detroit. It is a directive to actually dissolve from which there will be no more evictions and gentrification. This act also allows the Detroit Free Housing Authority to allocate all of the empty city properties to the residents who apply so please visit https://detroitgov.us to get your free home after signing. Contact number is: 888.999.6530

Please Use Your POWER!


Detroit Land Bank Authority, 500 Griswold St, Detroit, MI 48226

Wayne County Treasurer, 400 Monroe St 5th Floor, Detroit, MI 48226


We acknowledge the inhumane treatment of the people of Detroit via the actions of the Wayne County Treasurer and the Detroit Land Bank Authority. This includes the human rights violations of forced removals(evictions) and illegal over-taxation as the community is being gentrified. We have witnessed your government administration's defamation campaign and violent repression against Human Rights Policy Officers who have established the Detroit Free Housing Authority that gives unused city properties to those in need with the consent of the population. We have witnessed rampant corruption including the county treasurer owning a real estate company in violation of policies.

Your actions are causing a great distress to the people of Detroit and are akin to genocide. You are hereby ordered to cease and desist from your normal operations concerning city properties and from disrupting the livelihoods of residents in Detroit. Your failure to comply will result in Human Rights Policy Officers taking necessary actions to prevent your further violations against the people of Detroit.

Lastly, we acknowledge the noble words of the 'Charter of the City of Detroit' that reads: "Detroit City government is a service institution that recognizes its subordination to the people of Detroit". We are the people of Detroit and this Cease and Desist is an order.


  • Anthony Meeks
    United states


  • Phyllis Utley
    United states


  • Kiara
    United states


  • Eddie
    United states


  • Donita
    United states


Please sign the CEASE & DESIST

If you want the Detroit Land Bank Authority and Wayne County Treasurer to stop their harmful inhumane actions/business against the people of Detroit and if you wish to enjoy free housing.

Please note that we are not asking but are giving an ORDER!

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  1. Abdul Abdulqadir

    I am interested in getting a Land Bank home. I’m aware of my human rights and Banks are a corporations and are now allowed to own anything. Please let me know what I will have to do to obtain a land bank home. Thank you

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